Bench skirting 80 х 24 Thermal linden

Article: Брус 80*24 Термо

The length is 1.9 - 3 m. Section 80 x 24mm. Material: thermal linden, thermal alder

Product Specifications

Availability of knots
Presence of gluing
No one
Price 114,00 UAH

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Product Description

A new word in the construction of saunas is a thermal timber. It is designed for a lounger in a thermae or relaxation room.

However, compared to the usual bench timber , it has a number of advantages. Specifically: almost does not absorb moisture, is resistant to precipitation, and therefore can be used outdoors.

If you decide to buy a thermal timber in Ukraine wholesale and retail, then be sure that if it is impregnated with oil, it does not absorb moisture at all. Moreover, it does not infested by insects and other pests of wood.

does not absorb moisture;
is resistant to precipitation;
is not subject to woody diseases;
in thermal material, insects are not planted.

Of course, while building a sauna you will be interested in the buying of the thermal linden,because after heat treatment the linden gets a beautiful caramel shade that can be used to decorate the sauna, which means making its design unique.

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