Skirting board 561 Oak "B"

Article: Плинтус 561 Дуб "Б"

Skirting board 561 Oak "B" has 2 or more splices along the length. The length of the product is 2.6 m.

Product Specifications

Width (working)
Wall Height
Overlapping by sex
Availability of knots
Presence of gluing
2 or more
Price 57,75 UAH

Product Description

Skirting board 561 Oak "B" WoodProfile will allow not only to decorate the places of connection of vertical and horizontal planes inside the premises, but also will give status to any house.

Oak coming for the production of the profile grows and is processed on the ecologically clean north-east of Ukraine.
Skirting WoodProfile:
has all the advantages of natural material;
has no "wingedness" and signs of "warping";
is durable.

Working with a category "B" profile is easy and pleasant. It has 2 or more splices along the length.

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