Door Casing linden 7G1 "Lux"

Article: Наличник липа 7Г1 "Люкс"

Door Casing linden 7G1 "Lux" does not have knots and splices along the length. Width of 70mm. Product length 2 - 3m.

Product Specifications

от 2 до 3 м
Availability of knots
Presence of gluing
No one
Price 39,00 UAH

Product Description

Material - linden

Size - 70 * 12 mm
Length - 2 - 3 m

Modern lovers of the sauna, in their desire to depart from the stereotypes and some standard in terms of the interior of the sauna, choose a variety of relief and ornate elements for molding. Exactly, it is about those who decided to build a bath with their own hands. But if you hurried and the interior turned out to be too "curly", you can settle this with the use of door casing of standard appearance, because they, nevertheless, have a decorative function in the interior design of a sauna or a bath and not only within the framework of the application there.

Door casing 7G1 is a classic example among other types of casings and, having a rectangular smooth surface, is perfect for framing the window and doorway of any style you choose.

All the products manufactured by TM "Tesli" meet all the necessary documents and have a quality guarantee.

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