Skirting board 554 Lipa "B"

Article: ​Плинтус 554 Липа "Б"

Skirting board 554 Lipa "B" has 2 or more splices along the length. The length of the product is 2.6 m.

Product Specifications

Width (working)
Wall Height
Overlapping by sex
Availability of knots
Presence of gluing
2 or more
Price 17,55 UAH

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Product Description

Skirting 554 Lipa "B" WoodProfile is used for decoration of places of connections of walls and floor in premises of various purposes. Especially popular is the lime finish in the steam rooms, baths, saunas, and also the apartments.

By arranging the house with a tree, you will receive an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

Profile of linden:

decorate any house, office;
looks original;
has a recognizable texture and nice color.
Plinth for finishing the joint of the floor and the wall. Has 2 or more splices along the length.

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