Wooden baguette - the perfect material for design

Baguette is a figured or smooth profile, widely used for decorating rooms, works of art, mirrors, stained glass. To create one stylish, fashionable and memorable interior, dozens of running meters of lath leave.

Starting the repair, it should be borne in mind that not every company sells baguettes wholesale.The lack of the desired modelof profile can stop the work for a long time. Therefore it is logical to give preference to wholesale suppliers or manufacturers.

Wooden baguette is considered to be a universal material, as it fits perfectly into various styles of decoration - from retro to modern.

Advantages of wooden baguette:
environmental friendliness;
characteristic texture;
choice of color

simplicity and convenience in work.

Here you can buy a wooden baguette at retail, and also buy a baguette in wholesale.All the models laid out on the site are relevant, the production facilities of the enterprise allow to produce hundreds of meters per day. Baguette can be ordered by phone or on the contact page. Detailed information about the work of our company and products is displayed in social networks Google+, Facebook, VK.