How to save on buying a wooden skirting board?

The skirting made of natural wood has a lot of advantages in comparison with synthetic analogues - it is ecological, beautiful and durable. Natural wood texture looks impressive and aesthetic, perfectly combined with parquet and laminate. But there is an opinion that a wooden skirting board is an expensive pleasure for elite interiors.

We hasten to please you: our technologies make it possible to make a wooden skirting not only for the owners of chic mansions, but also for the inhabitants of the ordinary city apartments.

Economy without sacrificing quality

Immediately make a reservation, the price reduction does not mean a deterioration in the quality of the product! The wooden skirting stays the same high-quality, eco-friendly and durable. We just know one secret, how to help our customers save money. There is no catch here - several technological nuances allow to use expensive wood more rational thereby affecting the cost price of the product. But about everything in order. We want to begin with a brief overview of the manufacturing technology of the wooden skirting. Imagine that you have a log from which you need to make a wooden skirting board. This log has an impressive diameter. You saw it in the hope of making a huge number of skirting boards ...But alas, disappointment awaits you. The fact is that on the trunk of any tree there are knots that grow into the depths and break the integrity of the structure of the wood. At best, from one log you can get two boards without knots, suitable for manufacturing a skirting board. The rest of the material lefts unused, these remains are included in the cost of the wooden products - that's why it is not affordable for everyone. You pay not only for actually consumed wood, but also for a large amount of waste.

Splicing skirting along the length - innovative technology from Woodprofile

To use the maximum possible volume of logs, we are introducing a special technology for extending the skirting board along the length. The places where the knot is located are cut out, and the resulting fragments of the skirting are glued together. Cutting knots carried out on automated equipment. For splicing, we use a very reliable adhesive that makes the seam sturdy and visually invisible. By the way, the components of the glue are also environmentally friendly and safe. During the gluing process, the parts are firmly pressed to each other under powerful press. Only after the splice, the blank for the skirting is sent to the automated line, where the figure profile is finished. Thus, almost the whole volume of the log can be used to make the skirting. Minimizing waste can reduce the cost of the product. Waste minimization reduces the cost of the product.

Qualitatively, economically, with a guarantee

What do we have in the end? Affordable high-quality plinth made from selected natural wood. The only thing that distinguishes it from expensive monolithic materials is the presence of several adhesive compounds that you will not even notice.The areas of splicing in no way affect the efficiency and appearance of the plinth. We tested the skirted boards for durability and made sure that it is easier to break the plinth on wood than on the place of gluing. Having consulted with us, you can decorate your home with a elegnt wooden skirting board even with a medium budget. We do everything to ensure that our customers receive only the best quality at an affordable price! We do everything to ensure that our customers receive only the best quality at an affordable price!