Skirting board 484 Pine "B"

Article: 484 сосна Б

Plinth 484 Pine "B" has 2 or more splices along the length. The length of the product is 2.6 m.

Product Specifications

Width (working)
Wall Height
Overlapping by sex
Availability of knots
Presence of gluing
2 or more
Price 19,00 UAH

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Product Description

Skirting board 484 Pine "B" WoodProfile is a decorative finishing profile made from natural, environmentally friendly wood that grows in the northeast of Ukraine. Two splices are allowed along the length.

Distinctive qualities of pine wood:
natural beauty, recognizable pattern;
high decorative qualities;
practicality and durability;
high strength at low density;
air permeability and so on.
The price is indicated for 1 running meter.

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