Skirting board 484 pine lux

Article: 484 сосна Люкс

Plinth 484 Pine "Lux" does not have any coalescences. The length is from 2 to 3 m.

Product Specifications

Width (working)
Wall Height
Overlapping by sex
Availability of knots
Presence of gluing
No one
Price 26,00 UAH

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Product Description

Skirting board 484 Pine "Lux" WoodProfile is quality profiled lumber with high decorative features. It is widely used in construction purposes at residential and industrial facilities.

Many developers prefer pine skirting board. This is a durable and inexpensive type of profile made of natural material.
Pine skirting:
decorate any house or office;
looks original;
is environmentally safe.
The price is indicated for 1 running meter.

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