Skirting board 554 Pine "Rust"

Article: 554 Сосна "Руст"

Skirting board 554 Pine "Rust" has a natural non-dropping knots. It is allowed 2 or more splices along the length.

Product Specifications

Width (working)
Wall Height
Overlapping by sex
Availability of knots
Presence of gluing
2 or more
Price 10,00 UAH

Product Description

Skirting board 554 Pine "Rust" WoodProfile has a characteristic natural, easily recognizable pattern, characteristic of softwood. Profile is functional and beautiful, can have 2 or more splices along the length. Knots emphasize the naturalness of the product.

Pine skirting decorates the places of connection of walls and floor, reliably hiding the cracks and unaesthetic places of joints.

The WoodProfile profile is:

high quality;
environmental safety.
durability, strength.
Pine skirting board has all the advantages of natural material, it is widely used in construction.

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