Garden parquet

Article: Садовый паркет

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Price 136,00 UAH

Product Description

Decking is a universal and reliable coating for any flat surface. All areas of using are difficult to enumerate. This spread, he received thanks to such excellent qualities as moisture resistance, durability, environmental friendliness.

This wooden tile was invented by the Japanese in the 90s of the last century - among the damp gray walls of skyscrapers sometimes you want to touch living nature. In the gray jungles of skyscrapers, I wanted to see a piece of nature, touch something natural, living. Subsequently, the wooden plates became very widily using in construction and decoration.

With success, this product is used, as a floor tile in the sauna and bath. The presence of a gap between the lamellas and the floor allows for airing and drying, which extends the service life of the product.

In addition, wooden decking is convenient to use for covering on a balcony and in a wooden garden house.

The walkways in your garden decorated with this garden parquet will look especially beautiful