Wall panel 70 Thermal linden

Article: Вагонка 70 Термолипа

Wall panel 70 Thermal linden has no fusion. The length is 1.9 - 3 m.

Product Specifications

Lime Thermo
Width (working)
1,9 - 3 м
Availability of knots
Presence of gluing
No one
Price 710,00 UAH

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Product Description

Product features:

Material: thermal linden
Size: 70 x 12mm
Length: from 1.9 to 3 m

Traditionally, the baths were built from a linden log. Such bath can serve for decades. In nowadays, there are a lot of technologies and materials for the construction of a bath or sauna. You can build a bathhouse like in the old days, or you can build a modern sauna with several separated rooms for convenience and recreation with a large company.

Using of a combination of materials such as foam concrete in the construction and ceramic and various facing tiles for the interior, you can create a simply unique structure and an exclusive interior for your bath or sauna.

It is advisable to use for cladding wooden wall panels, as this material helds a warmth, comfort and a special atmosphere. Thermal linden wall panel 70 is an excellent decorative and functional materials for plating sauna. Its texture with a nice dark shade of caramel create a fabulous interior.

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