Linden wall panel 86 Lux "Extra"

Article: Вагонка 86 Липа "Экстра"

Lining of the ideal quality. Without knots, without splices, without rough edges. The length is 1.9 -3 m.

Product Specifications

Width (working)
1,9 - 3 м
Availability of knots
Presence of gluing
No one
Price 470,00 UAH

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Product Description

Product Features:

Material - linden
Size - 86 x 12 mm
Length - 1,9 - 3 m

Elegant simplicity, quality of processing - all this about wall panels for sauna made by our company. Product has the highest grade, has not knots, defects, color changes, and keeps its shape during the period of operation.

Sauna room, of course, differs from the usual rooms. For its functioning it must satisfy a number of requirements for of steam insulation, sealing and waterproofing. During construction, you need to think about the thermal insulation walls and ceiling, so be sure to put inside a wooden frame insulation materials. Next is the paneling of the surfaces and the most popular material for this is the linden lining. Linden wall panel 86 Lux (Extra) of TM "Tesli" is high-quality, the product has no defects and during operation will not lose shape.

The texture of the tree, the natural color and the beautiful aroma, that is the most valuable in visiting the sauna and no pretentious shapes and "twists" in the design will not help in restoring the strength and giving healing to the whole body.

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